Air Fryer Review- Technologies and Features

Before having your way to read this air fryer review, you probably heard about it through your friends, newspaper, poster, television, etc… Whatever takes you here; this is the right article for your reference about the product.


Is there anything come over your mind when you first hear the phrase “air fryer”? Have you ever thought of a machine using air to cook food? If yes, you knew the very bones of the technology: Air Rapid Technology. How does it work? There is a mechanical fan inside the cooking gadget, when the timer and temperature is set, the fan will circulate the air in high speed through a metal mesh and hot air is circulated continuously around the food until the time is up. Thanks to the technology, foods are heated up from all sides without using so much oil, making the cooking process simple, saving and safety. What is precious here is that, not only 80% of oil is saved; the food is also too crispy outside and stay moisture inside. This technology also helps to cook food with less smell than typical cooking gadgets, make it easier for users to clean after everything is done. In addition, no more overheated oil splashing means no easily fire catching, which is totally safe for your kitchen.

Along with heated system, the cooling system inside it alows fresh air to move across the filters, then arise to the bottom of the cooking appliance. This process of circulating fresh air from bottom to top helps it to have its internal parts cool.


Every air fryer has a removable tray to take out to put food inside, then put in to start the heating process. Different machine have different capacity of tray; it is your choice to consider which size of tray to buy. It is not a complicated machine; it is just an cooking machine with touchable screen and a removable tray to contain foods. The tray has a handle which makes it easier for people to take out and put in. It is also a best idea, because if the tray has no handle, your hands will be too close to the hot food which may get you burned.

Depending on the types, timer and temperature range may different. How many types there are in the market, it is still a user-friendly and you can learn to use it in no time.

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